All hail Lord Helix: v1.2.0.0

This is the final update upon the MetroTwit for Desktop end-of-life. For more information, read the announcement on our blog.

Release notes:

  • Added support for custom Twitter API tokens
  • Added cross-account retweeting
  • Fixed mentions not loading when there are no new mentions
  • Fixed crashes with keyboard navigation
  • Fixed scrolling performance with lots of images
  • Fixed other rare crashes
  • Fixed unfollowing users
  • Whole new window-ing system that should reduce the bugs related to moving/resizing the window
  • Removed yFrog image service and defaulted Twitter Pic
  • Added scrolling buttons to accounts list
  • Fixed activity popup crashing on double click
  • Fixed DMs with links not showing
  • Added user app filtering: use with @username:appname (ex. @JohnDoe:Spotify)
  • Tweaked menu button placement in small windows
  • Tweaked popup column positioning
  • Fixed “view conversation” link disappearing after clicking
  • Fixed Twitter photo thumbnail quality
  • Added support for narrow window sizes
  • Fixed TwitPic previews
  • Tweaked theme style
  • Fixed TwitPic and yFrog uploads failing
  • Changed media previews to be bigger size
  • Fixed some Twitter streaming issues
  • Fixed manual refresh