I have a sift of sifted thistles and unsifted thistles: v0.6.0.0

Use the in-app updater to receive this MetroTwit update.

Version release notes:

  • Added 140proof integration to support future development efforts
  • Fixed popup column positioning when using a high DPI setting
  • Fixed multi-monitor oddities with popup columns
  • Fixed “keep scroll position when refreshing” logic to be predictable
  • Fixed quoting a retweet with special text characters
  • Fixed Aero Snap sometimes accidentally triggering when clicking the top bar
  • Fixed tweeting character count to improve responsiveness of typing
  • Fixed Twitter sign in timeout not handled correctly
  • Fixed user profiles to be collapsible
  • Fixed pasting clipboard images from Paint appearing solid white
  • Fixed linebreaks for update release notes (will take effect next update)
  • Fixed rare crash at launch when constructing autocomplete collection

Note: You will receive a prompt to “install” this update because we now have a code signing digital certificate for our application.

Update: If you’re wondering why we introduced ads, you can read an explanation of the experiment here.